Stone Cold Locks, 2018: Week One

The Rules:
Pick five games against the spread each week. At least one NCAA and one NFL game during the regular season overlap,
Pick all three College Football Playoff games.
Pick ten of the remaining Bowl games.
Pick all NFL playoff games.
Straight winning percentage determines champion.

The Participants:
Scot Bertram, @scotbertram
Tim Rash, @rash_trash
Best friends, sports conversationalists/trash-talkers since high school.

The Prize:
In the words of Kenny Bania, a nice meal. In person, if logistics work. Perhaps at Mendy’s. Otherwise to be sent via U.S. Mail like a mayor or a governor paying off a food wager.

The Picks:
Northwestern +1.5 WIN
Penn State -24 LOSS
Wyoming +1.5 LOSS
Virginia Tech +7.5  WIN

Kent State +16.5 WIN
West Virginia -9.5 WIN
Michigan -1 LOSS
Miami (Fla) -3.5 LOSS
Texas Tech -2.5 LOSS


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