Jillian Kay Melchior: Higher Ed Goes Low

I recently had the opportunity to do some fill-in work on The Steve Gruber Show and was thrilled to be joined by Hillsdale alum and Wall Street Journal opinion page writer Jillian Kay Melchior. Click below for the audio:

Rick Hess: Letters To a Young Education Reformer [AUDIO]

With my recent move from Illinois to Michigan, I’ve experienced a significant change in the education environment. Michigan is a “Schools of Choice” state, providing parents options as to what school children may attend:

Schools of Choice programs provide students with additional enrollment opportunities, which range from allowing students to determine which school within the resident district they will enroll, to allowing non-resident students to enroll in a district other than their own.

School choice, vouchers, and charter schools long have been an interest of mine, so it was wonderful to talk with Rick Hess, Resident Scholar and Director of Education Policy Studies at the American Enterprise Institute.  His new book is “Letters To a Young Education Reformer“. Here’s the audio:

Rep. Adam Kinzinger: Impressed By Cabinet Picks

Illinois Congressman Adam Kinzinger joined me as I filled filling in on “The Michael Koolidge Show“. He represents the 16th District, which stretches from the Wisconsin border to the Indiana border.

Kinzinger was a sharp critic of President Elect Trump during the campaign, but agrees with me that his cabinet selections have been impressive. We also previewed this week’s inauguration and discussed the possible GOP repeal/replace of Obamacare and the recent commutations handed out by President Obama.

Sen. Ron Johnson Working on Border Security Bill

As mentioned previously, I’m filling in this week on The Michael Koolidge Show and reconnecting with some of my favorite guests. Near the top of that list is U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

Johnson was nearly left for dead in his fight to win re-election to the Senate, but fought hard a defeated Democrat Russ Feingold by a couple of points. Now he returns to D.C. for a final term with Republicans in control of the House, Senate, and the Oval Office.

Here’s our conversation, in which we discuss Obamacare, border security, and manufacturing jobs, among other things:

Hillsdale/Talkers 2016 Talk Radio Debate


The Hillsdale/Talkers Panel: Thom Hartmann, Hugh Hewitt, Joyce Kaufman, Joe Madison, Larry O’Connor, and Chris Stigall

It was an honor to be part of a big day recently at the Hillsdale Kirby Center in Washington, D.C. The Hillsdale College/TALKERS magazine Presidential Election Talk Radio Debate brought together six of the biggest names in talk radio, along with Talkers publisher Michael Harrison, for a 90-minute forum on the Presidential race, the media, and the state of talk radio.

The event was moderated by Harrison and the panel of participants included Thom Hartmann, Hugh Hewitt, Joyce Kaufman, Joe Madison, Larry O’ Connor, and Chris Stigall. 

Click here to watch the entire event.

Talking Trump & State of Race With Michael Koolidge [AUDIO]

It’s always fun to join my friend Michael Koolidge to talk politics or current events or sports or whatever else might be dominating the news cycle. You can find more about his show, appropriately titled The Michael Koolidge Show, right here.

I was on with Mike this week to discuss the Trump campaign shakeup and the state of the POTUS race. Take a listen below: