Jay Nordlinger: Digging In

The Hillsdale students are home for the holidays, which gives me an opportunity to conduct some interviews. The timing worked to set up a chat with one of my favorite writers, Jay Nordlinger of National Review.

His new book, “Digging In,” is a compilation of pieces from the past decade or so. But I also highly recommend taking a browse through his most recent writings at nationalreview.com, where you can find a couple of stories we discuss.

Sen. Ron Johnson Working on Border Security Bill

As mentioned previously, I’m filling in this week on The Michael Koolidge Show and reconnecting with some of my favorite guests. Near the top of that list is U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin.

Johnson was nearly left for dead in his fight to win re-election to the Senate, but fought hard a defeated Democrat Russ Feingold by a couple of points. Now he returns to D.C. for a final term with Republicans in control of the House, Senate, and the Oval Office.

Here’s our conversation, in which we discuss Obamacare, border security, and manufacturing jobs, among other things:

Rep. Pete Sessions: GOP Must Keep Promises

I’m filling in this week on The Michael Koolidge Show and took the opportunity to connect with an old friend, Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas. Sessions also serves as part of the leadership team in the House as Rules Committee Chairman.

I struck up a friendship with the Congressman while he was Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee and in the midst of helping to engineer the big GOP wave election of 2010. A part of that effort was in Illinois’ 17th Congressional District, where Bobby Schilling would go on to victory. Sessions joined the show often and just hasn’t stopped since. He always does well enough to be invited back.

This time we talked about how the House leadership team plans to work with President Trump. Specifically, we discussed the path forward on health care reform. Last May, Sessions  introduced the only bicameral piece of legislation to overhaul Obamacare with Senator Bill Cassidy. It’s called The World’s Greatest Healthcare Plan. Really, it is. You can read about it here.

During the interview we also touched on tax reform and how the GOP can avoid the electoral wipeout that greeted Democrats after they pushed forward a number of liberal proposals from 2008-2010.

Here’s the full audio:

Hillsdale/Talkers 2016 Talk Radio Debate


The Hillsdale/Talkers Panel: Thom Hartmann, Hugh Hewitt, Joyce Kaufman, Joe Madison, Larry O’Connor, and Chris Stigall

It was an honor to be part of a big day recently at the Hillsdale Kirby Center in Washington, D.C. The Hillsdale College/TALKERS magazine Presidential Election Talk Radio Debate brought together six of the biggest names in talk radio, along with Talkers publisher Michael Harrison, for a 90-minute forum on the Presidential race, the media, and the state of talk radio.

The event was moderated by Harrison and the panel of participants included Thom Hartmann, Hugh Hewitt, Joyce Kaufman, Joe Madison, Larry O’ Connor, and Chris Stigall. 

Click here to watch the entire event.

Nicholas Eberstadt: Men Without Work

I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk with author Nicholas Eberstadt about his new book, “Men Without Work: America’s Invisible Crisis“. He’s a political economist who holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute.

In the book, Eberstadt contends there is a huge population of men — one-sixth of all prime-aged men in America — that is not only without jobs, but has stopped looking for jobs altogether. All of this amounts to a hidden time bomb with far reaching economic, social and political consequences.

Take a listen to the interview below:

2016 NFL Predictions

Because, why not?

AFC East

AFC South

AFC North

AFC West

Bengals and Jaguars as wild cards

Chiefs over Jaguars
Steelers over Bengals

Patriots over Chiefs
Steelers over Texans

Patriots over Steelers

NFC East

NFC North

NFC South

NFC West

Vikings and Seahawks as wild cards

Giants over Vikings
Seahawks over Panthers

Cardinals over Giants
Packers over Seahawks

Cardinals over Packers

Super Bowl
Cardinals over Patriots

And that’s that.

Charlie Sykes: The False Promise of High Education [AUDIO]

I truly enjoyed this conversation with Milwaukee radio legend Charlie Sykes. His new book, Fail U, is a great read, featuring chapters exploring the staggering costs of a college education, the sharp decline in tenured faculty and teaching loads, and the hysteria surrounding “triggers,” “micro-aggressions,” and other forms of alleged trauma.

We also spent some time near the end of the interview examining the current state of conservative talk radio and what might happen after the November election. Listen to the full chat below: