Tim Alberta: Conservatism In the Era of Trump

Tim Alberta is one of the very best writers/reporters in D.C. and also a pretty darn good radio guest. He was frequently on my old show in Rockford and still makes an appearance with Hugh Hewitt on a weekly basis.

Tim is in between jobs at the moment, but in a good way. He just left his spot at National Review and will be starting as national political corespondent at Politico Magazine in the next week or so.

Tim was visiting Hillsdale’s campus this week and I grabbed him for an interview. Below we talk about his final piece for NR, a look at how Republicans in the House and Senate will deal with a President Trump and if any branch will serve as a check on ideas that might not meet the definition of “conservative.”

Jay Nordlinger: Digging In

The Hillsdale students are home for the holidays, which gives me an opportunity to conduct some interviews. The timing worked to set up a chat with one of my favorite writers, Jay Nordlinger of National Review.

His new book, “Digging In,” is a compilation of pieces from the past decade or so. But I also highly recommend taking a browse through his most recent writings at nationalreview.com, where you can find a couple of stories we discuss.

Hillsdale/Talkers 2016 Talk Radio Debate


The Hillsdale/Talkers Panel: Thom Hartmann, Hugh Hewitt, Joyce Kaufman, Joe Madison, Larry O’Connor, and Chris Stigall

It was an honor to be part of a big day recently at the Hillsdale Kirby Center in Washington, D.C. The Hillsdale College/TALKERS magazine Presidential Election Talk Radio Debate brought together six of the biggest names in talk radio, along with Talkers publisher Michael Harrison, for a 90-minute forum on the Presidential race, the media, and the state of talk radio.

The event was moderated by Harrison and the panel of participants included Thom Hartmann, Hugh Hewitt, Joyce Kaufman, Joe Madison, Larry O’ Connor, and Chris Stigall. 

Click here to watch the entire event.