Donald Trump, Honey Badger

Polling increasing indicates what has been obvious for quite some time: Donald Trump is going to be crushed by Hillary Clinton in November.  And based upon the mounting evidence, it appears Trump, like the honey badger, just don’t care.

For examples, take a look at these Tweets that have piled up just this morning:

This is a candidate who doesn’t want advice and refuses to change. A candidate and campaign not doing even the very basics of trying to win a key state like Ohio, like opening offices or running ads. A candidate with less invested in the outcome of the election than his supporters, who constantly are trying to bail him out or explain away gaffes.

As Jim Geraghty pointed out in today’s Morning Jolt, you can’t help a man who doesn’t want to help himself, and you can’t help a campaign that doesn’t want to help itself.

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