10 Years Ago: Steve & Garry Reunite

Besides pictures of family, I currently have two framed pictures that dominate the wallspace in my office. One is of the 2005 World Series Champion Chicago White Sox. The other is a poster celebrating “A Decade Of Service” from the greatest radio duo of all time, Steve Dahl & Garry Meier.

Steve & Garry spent 15 years together dominating the Chicago radio market until their partnership imploded in 1993. You can read the details here, if you wish. Safe to say many fans did not think the two would ever share the airwaves again. Steve did stop by shortly after the split for what sounded like an awkward couple of minutes on Garry’s last show at WLUP (The audio is available on the 365 Days of Service compilation). After that, both men went on to successful solo careers in Chicago radio.

But ten years ago today, the virtually unthinkable happened: on August, 18, 2006, Steve & Garry spent the afternoon entertaining Chicago with a one-time, impromptu reunion show.

Here’s the CBS Chicago story from that day:

Here’s some high-quality audio of the first moments they shared the air for the first time in about 10 years:

And finally, some low-quality audio/video of the very end of the program:

I have the full show at home but certainly have no rights to post the audio. But I can tell you it’s a magical couple of hours.

Find Steve Dahl currently hosting afternoons at WLS-AM 890. Find Garry Meier here doing his new podcast show.

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